Friday, May 29, 2009

Hablo Espanol?

I finally got a question that I've sort of been waiting for. I'm not sure what my reaction should have been but I took totally in stride at the time and now I think it's hilarious.

Jonah's 17 months olds. He doesn't say much - he has a few words and a few signs - basically pretty normal. Anyway, at Gymb0ree an oler man was there (someone's grandfather maybe?) and he was interacting off and on with Jonah. And then he asked me - "Does he speak English or Spanish?"

Hahaha! He speaks English, of course - but with an accent. You know, because he's brown...

On another note, we had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend - we were supposed to go camping, but it was too cold so we stayed in a hotel. But we hiked a lot and it was gorgeous. Jonah's still a bit young to appreciate the view. But it was good to get away.

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Ms. J said...

This reminds me of when people asked me if my daughter "said much in Chinese?" I would point out that (remember, she was 15 months when we brought her home to the USA), "Um, if she is, we wouldn't know it, since we don't speak Chinese. Baby babble is baby babble."

Even know, 10 months later, people ask me "now is she speaking any English yet?" [for the record, she is speaking in 3-4 word sentences]. It astounds me.

Have you gotten the "Does she speak American?" yet, which is perhaps the funniest of all?!