Friday, May 29, 2009

Hablo Espanol?

I finally got a question that I've sort of been waiting for. I'm not sure what my reaction should have been but I took totally in stride at the time and now I think it's hilarious.

Jonah's 17 months olds. He doesn't say much - he has a few words and a few signs - basically pretty normal. Anyway, at Gymb0ree an oler man was there (someone's grandfather maybe?) and he was interacting off and on with Jonah. And then he asked me - "Does he speak English or Spanish?"

Hahaha! He speaks English, of course - but with an accent. You know, because he's brown...

On another note, we had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend - we were supposed to go camping, but it was too cold so we stayed in a hotel. But we hiked a lot and it was gorgeous. Jonah's still a bit young to appreciate the view. But it was good to get away.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I guess that is the best that I can say for myself right now. I’m surviving. I’m coping. It has been three months. The shock is starting to wear off somewhat, but it still hits me out of the blue sometimes and it is still incapacitating. I am fighting off deep dark depression. I have kept it at bay for the most part but it sneaks up on me sometimes and it is difficult to fight off. Jonah is the joy that keeps me going.

He is truly such a blessing. When I feel like completely checking out and hiding from the world, he is what brings me back – I don’t want to miss out on any time with him. This time is so special. He is changing every day. He’s so big. And so smart! And still absolutely beautiful. And he is so much fun now! He’s walking and trying to talk. He’s very into trucks and cars and is completely obsessed with books. He is constantly walking around with a book in his hands coming over to push himself into our laps to read the book to him. Mostly he likes looking at the pictures and turning the pages – reading the actual words on the page is optional. He is truly amazing. I just wish my mom were here to see him…