Thursday, June 12, 2008

6 months

It doesn’t seem possible that it has been six months since we first got Jonah. And yet, there it is. The time has just flown by and my 5 pound baby boy is pushing 20 pounds, smiling and laughing like crazy, rolling over (when he feels like it), sitting up (sort of), eating solids, and generally being totally and completely amazing. Our house is exploding in baby items – plastic gadgets and rechargeable batteries upstairs and down. I’ve changed countless poopy diapers, missed weeks of sleep and made endless bottles, and yet I often still find myself completely amazed and overwhelmed by the fact that I am actually a mother. I have a baby! Pushing the stroller in the park, I still feel like shouting to anyone I pass - Look at me! I'm pushing a stroller, and the baby is actually mine!

I was sitting tonight working on Jonah’s baby book and like every other time I have sat down to work on it, I end up in tears. I cannot believe how lucky we are. After everything we went through to become parents, we have made it. Life is good.