Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Evening Romance

Our dinner plans began with dreams of steak but by the time K was finally able to leave we had instead landed on just buying one of those store-made roasted chickens, some bread, hummus and maybe some carrots (so we could at least act like we were going to eat some vegetables). Oh, and of course a bottle of fine wine (he may spend $10!)

So, I'm sitting on the couch folding diapers as K is getting ready to leave to go to the store. He leans over and kisses me on the neck and says he wants to "make out" this weekend. I push him away. He says "You smell like urine."

Ah. Love is in the air.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sick Baby

(Not Jonah)

Our first baby, our dog, Lucy, is sick. And we are feeling like really bad parents. For the most part I think Lucy has been doing really well with Jonah. She basically has zero interest in him or any of his stuff but has at least licked his face a couple of times and has ventured into his room once or twice to emerge with one of his stuffed animals in her mouth. Other than that they basically ignore each other. I haven't really felt like her life has changed that much either. She still basically gets to sleep wherever she wants -- which is usually in our bed or the guest bed (which we're trying, unsuccessfully, to break her from) or her couch (yes, she has her own couch in a little nook under the stairs which we refer to as the "Harry Potter suite) or her bed or one of our couches (where she is not supposed to be and knows it and so will jump off as soon as she hears us at the door as if we won't notice the tell-tale warm, hairy spot and drools marks she has left behind). Lucy is a rescue greyhound who I adopted right after I moved to Colorado. I met K soon after that and she quickly became as much his as mine. That was 6 1/2 years ago and Lucy is now 9 1/2. She's a little grey on her face but other than that you would never know she was that old. She is beautiful, if I do say so myself -- we get stopped all the time with people wanting to see her and tell us how pretty she is. She has been a huge part of our lives these past 6 years. She has more nicknames then I can even remember and we've written numerous songs about her.

Which is all a long way of saying how much I love her and how awful I feel that she is sick and that it took me a whole day to even really notice (Wednesday) and 3 days to take her to the vet. She always sleeps a lot (like most of the time) so it's a little funny to hear myself say that she has been lethargic (our standing joke is when asked how Lucy is we say "she's tired") but she has not even wanted to get up to go outside. She's also been completely uninterested in eating, even table scraps. And last night we finally took her temperature to discover that she was running a fever. So this morning I took her to the vet. And she is definitely sick. Running a fever and dehydrated. They kept her there to put her on an IV for the day and have done a whole variety of blood tests, urine tests, etc. It is looking like she has some type of kidney infection which should hopefully be cleared up with antibiotics. But the whole thing is just scary.

They were asking about her last vaccinations and I can't remember exactly what she had. The vets around here are so expensive (this visit is costing $550 so far) that this past year we kind of did a hodge-podge with her vaccinations -- rabies here, bordatella there, and I don't know if we missed something. It's entirely possible. And then they ask if she has gotten into anything lately. And whether she's been peeing more or if her poop looks funny. And I can't say. I have no idea. We just let her outside and let her do her thing and don't really pay attention. On a normal day, I would never think to feel guilty about any of this but now that she's sick and the vet is asking me all these questions that I can't seem to answer, I feel like a horrible pet owner. And going to the vet always reminds me that Lucy is getting old. And I hate that. I can't stand the thought of anything happening to her. I never wanted to be one of those people who loved their dog so much...until the baby came along. And we're not. Lucy is still a huge part of our life but I know that I should have noticed how bad she was feeling sooner. And that I didn't because I was distracted by caring for Jonah. Which is fine and normal, I know that. But it just makes me sad. Dogs are pretty much just as helpless when it comes to being ill as babies are. They can't tell you that they feel bad or tell you what is wrong. It is up to us, as their caregivers, to notice when something is wrong. And we didn't do a very good job of that this week.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2 posts in progress

I've been thinking for awhile about two posts that I want to write, but I obviously haven't gotten around to doing either of them. But just to whet your appetite:

#1 -- I've already alluded to this. I plan to write a post regarding the financial impact of infertility treatment and adoption. It's something that we all deal with

--- PAUSE---
I just dropped a pacifier on the floor, picked it up wiped it off on my pants, handed it to K who dipped it into my beer and stuck it into Jonah's mouth. He sucked it eagerly. What does that say about us as parents?

OK, where was I? Right. Finances. The financial aspects we all deal with differently but one thing I've noticed is that most of us are hesitant to be very specific about what we've actually spent and how we've come up with the money. So, I am going to lay it all out there and you can too if you choose.

#2 My 2 cents of wisdom on adoption. We have learned an awful lot through this process and I think it's worth sharing. We are lucky in that we know a lot of other people who have adopted (both of K's siblings and several friends) but most people don't know anyone who has been through the process. It can be an overwhelming process even when you have some experience or prior knowledge and so I thought I would at least try to sum up my little bit of wisdom.

Obviously, this post is neither of those but by putting it into words perhaps I will now get around to writing them. In the meantime, hope you are all doing well - I have actually been trying to keep up with your blogs but have been too lazy to comment, my apologies. We are doing great - still no particular word on my job front but I at least managed to talk to my boss. Hopefully I will know something more definitive soon. Jonah is awesome. He's getting really big. His 2 month doctor's appointment is Friday so we will know his exact weight then.

More soon.